I See Joy In Her Now Instead of Depression | We Can't Thank You Enough...

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“Our teenager was battling depression and not wanting to live. She refused to meet with a counselor." It was suggested she join in on a session for her Mother. Once she saw it wasn't scary, she agreed to have her own session on the spot. After several sessions, dad commented, "I see joy in her now instead of depression." Mom and dad says, "We can't thank you enough for helping our daughter."

New Joy and New Love | Healed From No Will to Live

tormented toddler, woman healed of childhood trauma, anger, depression, wishing to die, no good memories, emotional health

50+ yr old woman testifies, "I can remember standing in my crib, holding the rail, angry, screaming and wishing to die. I've had 10 or more sessions. It took a long time before I could say I Love Myself.  Today, I do desire to live and now I really do have Joy." 

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2010 - present

2010 - present

Emotional Health


After 3 sessions, a friend reported, "Her countenance has changed. She is no longer anxious or edgy. She is more balanced and orderly." She herself noted, “I am different. My attitude has really changed.”




Client comments between sessions, “I was feeling really depressed but then remembered the tools I was given to help me. Within minutes I was feeling better and more joyful. This works!"



40 minutes into her session she says, "I feel lighter." For the last 10 minutes of her session she continually laughed and laughed :-)))  She was full of joy.  



Woman who suffered with anxiety/panic attacks for 20 years wrote to say, "Since our session 10 months ago, my circumstances around me have not changed, however, I no longer have panic attacks..."



Woman says, "When you said 'say these words...' something inside broke and joy came bubbling up from inside me."  2 weeks later she reported, "I am still full of joy and laughter. Thank you!"



30 minute (Double Dipper) session. One week later, the woman came by and it was noticeable in her countenance. She looked different. Vibrant.  She was asked, how is the fear? She responded, "I haven't had fear since ... last week! I feel great!..."

Physical Health


She had one 45-min session and started to feel better. "I was having really bad morning sickness for weeks and could not get out of bed until the afternoon each day."  The next day her husband wrote saying, "I don't know what you did with my wife yesterday but she is up and about and doing well. Thank you." She later shared that in fact, the next day she got up out of bed and felt so well she helped her husband do some painting and then packed for a big trip.  


“I had bone spurs. It was very painful to walk, especially in the morning. Doctors gave special ugly boots to wear and recommended surgery. I had 5-6 sessions and my feet do not hurt. I don't think I have bone spurs anymore. It's a miracle.”



“I was losing hair at an alarming rate. I noticed a dramatic decrease after the appointment. My hair is fluffier and people are even starting to comment, saying 'Wow! Look at your hair.' Thank you. Praise God”


A woman with so much knee pain could not sit comfortably for extended periods. We located one emotion from age 5.  What was the result? In 3 minutes, she said with a big smile, "You are not going to believe this. My knee does not hurt."




During 1st appointment client comments, "I wasn't sure about coming to see you. You told me I had a Fear issue before I told you. I am convinced you know what you are doing." After session #9, "70% of my pain is gone!"  After session #12, "Only when I am stressed, I feel a quick pain and that's it. Otherwise, I am 100% PAIN-FREE !"




"I was having chest pains. I don't know whether it was an anxiety panic attack or a heart issue. I was having other symptoms of congestive heart failure simultaneously (short of breath, swelling legs, etc.).  I noticed that when I put in practice what Abundant Life taught me, the chest pains disappeared each time within minutes. I spent 30 minutes learning. I am Praising God!"



Woman scheduled for surgery to remove cancer on both sides.  Had 6 hours of sessions. When she went back to the doctor, there was no cancer!



On Wednesday tests show stage-4 cancer of the lymph. Thursday she has a 1 hour +/- session (Triple Dipper) and then a group prayer immediately following that session. Friday the woman goes in for surgery. Doctors astounded saying, "It's a miracle." No cancer. 1 month later, lab results confirm, no cancer.



2 sessions with the mother (on behalf of daughter), 2 sessions with the daughter.  Within weeks, doctor was astounded asking, "What have you been doing?!" Liver test numbers were at 70 but are now at 26. Healthy and normal. Enzyme levels are good too.  Daughter responded, "I've just been praying with this woman..."  Doctor said, "I'd like to release you. I'll see you in a year. Basically, you are fine." (One of the keys found was  a generational pattern)

(Results were achieved using 1 "Double Dipper" Session and 3 sessions with 1 provider.)



At the end of her initial consult, she said, "I can breath better!"



At the end of her 1-hour session, a woman said with a big smile, "My back is feeling so much better. I really feel great."



"Doctors said I had a hernia so I had surgery to mend it but the same pain was still there?  I had 2 short double dipper sessions and there is no more pain!"



Woman with 11-year-old daughter said she'd been trying to get pregnant for the last 11 years. She also said she had a constant terrible pain in her side. She had been from doctor to doctor and nothing helped.  2 prayed with her for 3 minutes. 3 days later she reported, "The pain stopped 3 days ago!"  6 weeks later, she was pregnant! With much gratitude to the 2 who prayed, she named her son after them.

Mental Health

PTSD      Veteran with Continuous Sweating    

At the end of the 1st session - He says in amazement, "Did you notice I stopped sweating!?!"   Soldier says, "Thank you. I really appreciate you helping me. This stuff works!"



Woman in an institution - Estimated release date by doctors was 2 months.  Released in 2-3 days after session. Woman said, "I no longer feel condemned." Doctors then say, "We must have misdiagnosed you. You don't have bipolar."  hmmm. Right.  

Results were achieved using 3-4 "Double Dipper" Sessions (Double Dipper means - the combined services of more than 1 service provider during the same session.) 



The issue was disassociation, a coping mechanism, during harsh treatment (verbal or physical). It’s like going somewhere else in the mind to escape the current torment. Tuning out. Turning off.  This woman testifies that she has always had this (disassociation) as a coping mechanism to deal with abuse and trauma, all her life. “I have never been without it.” What she says now? “I had a session and overnight, I no longer disassociate!” 


Success and Finances


"My husband had several sessions dealing with blocks to success. He hadn't received a raise in about 10 years. Not long after the sessions, he received a 30% PAY RAISE!"



After one session we received a report that as the root cause was found and dealt with, moments later this is what happened. The business had cars that people left to have work done on (the work was complete) but they had not paid for, nor picked up their cars.  The owners took a lunch break, released the results of session findings and when they returned from lunch, EVERYONE came at the same time (to pay and pick up their cars)!!

Multiple Issues

One week after a session a woman testifies:​​

"No headaches or migraines!! I do not usually have a week that goes by without one.

Suicidal thoughts? None.

Trusting others? Fine.

Even around a relative who was visiting, I previously had to be very guarded because they were the prying kind. This time every occasion I shared a scripture with them instead.


Previously I was acting on emotions first and then regretted hurting others. Now, no happenings!!

And I’ve been laughing a lot with my spouse."

Insect Bites Recur


"All my life, it seems, I have been bitten by spiders. I had several recent bites at the time that I asked for help. The root cause was discovered as a Generational Pattern. Something connected to my mother's side. It only took 1 session. The spider bites have stopped!"



"I was being bitten by no-see-ums and was itching for days with one bite with lovely red welts and sores. Multiple itching bites even kept me up at night. It went on for 18 months. Bug spray only helped so much. It was tormenting." What happened? "I had 1 appointment that lasted 3 whole minutes!. NO MORE BUG BITES! Yeah!! "  

Generational Pattern


A mother and 2 grown daughters were asking for help during a stressful family situation. In the session findings something else came up that was unexpected. Something they had not shared with the service provider. Each of them had been experiencing back pain in the same location, lower right side.  What was the result?   After the session, all 3 reported the back PAIN DISAPPEARED simultaneously!




This testimony already mentioned above, the one with the Woman who suffered with anxiety/panic attacks for 20 years. Only 1, 45-minute session. 6 things found were generational patterns and only 1 was her own.  NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS!



This testimony is already mentioned above but we'd like to share that the issue found began 5 generations prior. It was linked to the thymus gland and the traumatic emotions of horror, terror, and shock. NOW HEALED!



Mother of 11 children explains about the youngest, "Our 3 1/2-year old, when she speaks no one understands her. We do not know what she is saying."  2 generational patterns were found within minutes. 3 weeks later, everyone can understand her. She SPEAKS CLEARLY!



History of 3 previous miscarriages and at current trouble with even conceiving. Several participated in praying for her one evening (Quad Dipper). Several generational patterns were also found.  Woman very soon afterward reported back saying, "I'm pregnant!..."


Also, see 'SPIDER BITES' above - was linked to a generational pattern.

We'd like to see your testimony here...

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